School Board Meeting 6/24/2020


Call Meeting to Order / Closed Session: 00:11:24

Pledge of Allegiance 00:11:30

Approve Agenda 00:11:50

Presentation: 00:13:06

Retiree Recognition

Communications Update 00:26:14

Public Participation 00:27:57

Strategic Area Discussion Items 00:30:19

1. Governance a. Superintendent's Update (G5*) 1) 2020-21 MASB District Membership and Trust Fund 2) International Academy Governing Body and Consortium Agreement b. Policy Committee Report (G1-G5) 1) Remote Board Participation - Bylaw 100 and 0162.1 Second Reading c. Board Self-Assessment Committee Report (G1) 2. Student Achievement (G1) a. Assistant Superintendent Update (G1) 1) Title III b. Bond Design Teams Report c. Curriculum Committee Report (G1) d. Lamp of Learning Committee Report (G1) 3. Human Resources (G3) a. Assistant Superintendent Update (G3) 1) Food Service Director Recommendation b. Superintendent Evaluation Committee Report (G3) c. Superintendent Search (G3) 4. Finance (G2) and Operations (G4) a. Assistant Superintendent Update (G2) 1) 2019-20 Final Budget Amendment (Second Reading) 2) 2020-21 Proposed Budget (Second Reading) 3) Legal and Financial Agents of Records and Operational Delegation 4) Technology Bid Award - Docking Stations b. Finance Committee Report (G2) c. Facilities Liaison Report (G4) I. Interim Superintendent Discussion

Interim Superintendent Discussion 01:22:35

Action Items 01:23:43

1. Consent Agenda a. Approve Payment of the Bills in the Amount of $6,802,476.79 b. Approve Minutes from the June 3, 2020 Regular Meeting, May 26, 2020 Finance Committee Meeting, May 29, 2020 Policy Committee Meeting, June 4, 2020 Curriculum Committee Meeting, June 8, 2020 Special Meeting and Closed Session, June 15, 2020 Special Meeting, June 16, 2020 Special Meeting, June 17, 2020 Special Meeting, June 18, 2020 Special Meeting and June 18, 2020 Bond Committee Meeting 2. Authorize 2020-21 MASB District Membership and Trust Fund Zoom Virtual Meeting 3. Adopt International Academy Governing Body Resolution 4. Adopt International Academy Consortium Agreement Resolution 5. Approve Policy Revisions and Board Operating Procedure Revisions 6. Authorization for Title III 7. Appoint Food Service Director 8. Adopt 2019-20 Final Budget Amendment Resolution 9. Adopt 2020-21 Budget Resolution 10. Authorization of Legal and Financial Agents of Records and Operational Delegation 11. Authorize Technology Bid Award

Recap/Next Steps 01:36:19

Closing Comments / Adjournment 01:36:34