School Board Meeting 07/22/2020


Call Meeting to Order / Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:00

Approve Agenda 00:00:25

Presentation 00:01:29

Return to School Plan

Communications Update 01:41:55

Public Participation 01:42:16

Strategic Area Discussion Items 01:42:22

G.1. Governance G.1.a. Superintendent's Update (G5*) G.1.b. Policy Committee Report (G1-G5) G.1.c. Board Self-Assessment Committee Report (G1) G.2. Student Achievement (G1) G.2.a. Assistant Superintendent Update (G1) G.2.b. Bond Design Teams Report G.2.c. Curriculum Committee Report (G1) G.2.d. Lamp of Learning Committee Report (G1) G.3. Human Resources (G3) G.3.a. Assistant Superintendent Update (G3) G.3.a.1) COVID-19 Preparedness and Workplace Plan and Policy G.3.b. Superintendent Evaluation Committee Report (G3) G.4. Business and Finance G.4.a. Assistant Superintendent Update (G2) G.4.a.1) School Loan Revolving Fund Annual Repayment Application Resolution G.4.b. Finance Committee Report (G2) G.4.c. Facilities Liaison Report (G4)

Action Items 02:14:38

H.1. Consent Agenda H.1.a. Approve Payment of the Bills in the Amount of $9,191,070.16 H.1.b. Approve Minutes H.1.b.1) June 22, June 29 and July 9 2020 Special Meetings H.1.b.2) June 22, 2020 Finance Committee Meeting H.1.b.3) June 24, 2020 Regular Meeting and Closed Session H.1.c. Out of State/Overnight Field Trip Request H.1.c.1) High School Marching Band - Bowling Green, OH, September 2020 (Dates TBD) H.1.d. Head Start Coordinator's Report H.2. Adopt School Loan Revolving Fund Annual Repayment Application Resolution H.3. Accept Board Member Resignation H.4. Appoint Board Secretary

. Recap/Next Steps 02:20:06

Closing Comments / Adjournment 02:20:26