DDA Special Meeting 6-17-21

Open Agendas

Call to Order / Statement by Chairperson of Reason 00:00:00

The June 17, 2021 special meeting of the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority will be held virtually as permitted under MCL 15.263 of Public Act 254 of 2020, the Open Meetings Act, as amended, due to the Village of Lake Orion State of Emergency Order.

Roll Call and Determination of Quorum 00:02:14

Statement by Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson 00:05:01

The Purpose of the Special Meeting is to receive presentations by Marketing Professionals and to make decisions

Public Comment 00:06:00

Presentations 00:06:09

Presentations in order of appearance during the meeting: Hudson Collective Nicole Hudson, Founder & President Amber Joseph, Digital Marketing Manager Blended Collective Lydia Michael, President & Owner Kevin Ketels, Senior Marketing Consultant Right Hook David Klonke, Principal/Creative Director

Items for Consideration 02:04:02

1. Brand Marketing Contract

Adjournment 02:14:06