School Board Meeting 08/11/2021

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School Board Meeting 08/11/2021
Lake Orion Community Schools Regular Board Meeting recorded LIVE on 08/12/2021


Communications Update 00:00:00

Public Participation 00:03:00

Strategic Area Discussion Items 00:29:17

G.1. Governance G.1.a. Superintendent's Update (G5*) G.1.a.1) Legislative Update G.1.a.2) COVID-19 Update G.1.a.3) Proposed OCSBA 2021 Bylaws Amendments and Resolutions G.1.b. Board Self-Assessment Committee Report (G1) G.2. Student Achievement (G1) G.2.a. Assistant Superintendent Update (G1) G.2.b. Bond Design Teams Report G.3. Human Resources (G3) G.3.a. Assistant Superintendent Update (G3) G.3.a.1) Certified New Hire Recommendations G.3.a.2) Administrator Recommendations G.4. Finance (G2) and Operations (G4) G.4.a. Assistant Superintendent Update (G2) G.4.a.1) Technology Device Award

Action Items 01:33:11

H.1. Consent Agenda H.1.a. Approve Payment of the Bills in the Amount of $10,126,566.20 H.1.b. Approve Minutes from the July 21 Regular Meeting and August 4, 2021 Board Self-Assessment Committee Meeting H.1.c. Head Start Coordinator's Report H.2. Approve OCSBA 2021 Bylaws Amendments H.3. Approve OCSBA 2021 Resolutions H.4. Approve Certified New Hires H.5. Approve Pine Tree Center Supervisor H.6. Approve Waldon Middle School Assistant Principal H.7. Authorize Technology Device Award

Recap/Next Steps 01:37:10

Closing Comments / Adjournment 01:37:25

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