School Board Meeting 12-01-2021

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School Board Meeting 12-01-2021
Lake Orion Community Schools Board of Education Meeting recorded LIVE on 12-01-2021


Call Meeting to Order / Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:00

Approve Agenda / Moment of Silence in Recognition of Oxford Community Schools 00:00:27

Presentation: Bond Design Plans for Blanche Sims 00:03:38

Public Participation Related to Action Items on the Agenda 00:16:56

Strategic Area Discussion Items 00:17:02

G.1. Governance G.1.a. Superintendent's Update (G5*) G.1.b. Policy Committee Report (G1-G5) G.1.b.1) Second Reading: Policies 43362.01, 5610, 5611, 7440, 8450.01, 2260.01, 2266, 5341, 5342, 5343, 7440.01, 8321, 8330, 8400, 8500, 8510, 1422, 3122, 4122, 1623, 3123, 4123, 1662, 3362, 4362, 2260, 5517, 7450, 7455, Bylaw 0167.3 G.2. Student Achievement (G1) G.2.a. Assistant Superintendent Update (G1) G.2.a.1) New Course Proposals - Second Reading G.3. Human Resources (G3) G.3.a. Assistant Superintendent Update (G3) G.3.a.1) Certified New Hire G.4. Finance (G2) and Operations (G4) G.4.a. Assistant Superintendent Update (G2) G.4.a.1) Stadium Drive Phase 2 and Scripps HVAC Bid Award G.4.a.2) Emergency Operation Plan Renewals

Action Items 00:21:28

H.1. Consent Agenda H.1.a. Approve Minutes from the November 10 Regular Meeting, November 10 Superintendent Evaluation Committee, November 22 Policy Committee and November 22, 2021 Finance Committee Meetings H.2. Approve Policy Revisions for NEOLA Updates 35-1, 35-2, Nondiscrimination/Anti-Harassment and EDGAR H.3. Approve Policy Revisions for Bylaw 0167.3 H.4. Approve Foundations of Education Course H.5. Approve Educational Careers Credential Experience Course H.6. Approve Sports Officiating Course H.7. Approve Interior Design Using CAD Course H.8. Approve Honors World History A and B Course H.9. Approve Advanced Marketing Course H.10. Approve Exploring Mindfulness and Mental Fitness Course H.11. Approve Certified New Hire H.12. Authorize Bid Award for Stadium Drive Phase 2 and Scripps HVAC H.13. Approve Emergency Operation Plan Renewals

Public Participation for Other Non-Action Items/Topics 00:28:46

Recap/Next Steps 00:36:07

Closing Comments / Adjournment 00:36:32

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