Village BZA Meeting 4-21-2022

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Village BZA Meeting 4-21-2022


Village of Lake Orion BZA Meeting recorded LIVE on 4-22-22


Call to Order 7:30 PM / Roll Call and Determination of Quorum 00:00:00

Approval of Agenda 00:00:09

Approval of Minutes 00:00:32

Board of Zoning Appeals Regular Meeting Minutes - January 20, 2022

Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items Only 00:01:01

Review of BZA Order of Procedure for Handling Appeals - Initial Consideration 00:01:11

Action Items 00:01:55

A. Case: A-21-05 Craig Residence-146 Bellevue Avenue

Next Regularly Scheduled BZA Meeting 00:24:13

MAY 5, 2022

Adjournment 00:24:40

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