School Board Meeting 10-11-2023

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10/12/2023 1:13:36 PM
Lake Orion School Board Meeting recorded LIVE on 10-11-2023


Call Meeting to Order / Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:00

Approve Agenda 00:00:38

Learning Highlights and Communication Update 00:00:54

Presentation: 00:07:11

Orion Oaks Elementary School Showcase

Public Participation 00:13:40

Strategic Area Discussion Items 00:13:49

G.1. Human Resources G.1.a. Assistant Superintendent Update G.2. Finance and Operations G.2.a. Assistant Superintendent Update G.2.a.1) Legislative Update

Action Items 00:24:18

Consent Agenda H.1.a. Approve Payment of the Bills in the Amount of $8,220,198.73 H.1.b. Approve Minutes from the September 27 Regular Meeting, September 25 Curriculum Committee, September 27 Superintendent Evaluation Committee and October 3, 2023 Special Meeting and Closed Session H.1.c. Out of State/Overnight Field Trip Requests H.1.c.1) Middle Schools 8th Grade Cadet Band - Chicago, IL, May 10-11, 2024 H.1.c.2) LOHS Thespian Troupe - Lansing, MI, December 8-9, 2023 H.1.d. Head Start Coordinator's Report

Public Participation 00:25:19

Recap/Next Steps 00:25:24

Closing Comments / Adjournment 00:25:36

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