School Board Meeting 08/28/19


Call Meeting to Order / Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:15

Approve Agenda 00:00:37

Introduction of Certified New Hire Candidates 00:00:58

Communications Update 00:02:37

Public Participation 00:04:30

Strategic Area Discussion Items 00:14:13

1. Governance a. Superintendent's Update (G5*) 1) MASB Fall Conference Delegates 2) Oakland County School Board Association Legislative Priorities Resolution - Second Reading b. Policy Committee Report (G1-G5) c. Board Self-Assessment Committee Report (G1) 2. Student Achievement (G1) a. Assistant Superintendent Update (G1) b. Curriculum Committee Report (G1) c. Lamp of Learning Committee Report (G1) d. Bond Design Teams Report 3. Human Resources (G3) a. Assistant Superintendent Update (G3) 1) Certified New Hires b. Superintendent Evaluation Committee Report (G3) 4. Finance (G2) and Operations (G4) a. Assistant Superintendent Update (G2) 1) Bid Award: Technology Pilot b. Finance Committee Report (G2) c. Facilities Liaison Report (G4) d. Bond Committee Report (G4)

Action Items 00:36:51

1. Consent Agenda a. Approve Minutes from the August 14, 2019 Regular Meeting 2. Approve Certified New Hires 3. Approve OCSBA Resolutions 4. Authorize Bid Award for Technology Pilot

Recap/Next Steps 00:39:04

Closing Comments / Adjournment 00:39:13