Guess What! - Sweet Potato Soup

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In this episode of Guess What! Evelyn will share tips on peeling & slicing sweet potatoes and a delicious soup! Sweet Potato Soup Ingredients - 2 Tbsp Oil - 1 Large Onion Diced - 2 Tsp Cumin - 3 Sweet Potatoes - 1 ½ Cup Chicken Broth - Yogurt Or Sour Cream To Top (Optional) 1. Peel & Cut Sweet Potatoes Into Cubes, Add To A Pot Of Water. Then Bring To A Boil & Cook For About 15 Minutes Or Until Done 2. Add Oil To A Pot. Then Add Diced Onions & Cumin And Sauté Until Onions Are Soft 3. Once The Onions Are Cooked, Add Drained Sweet Potatoes. Then add In The Chicken Broth To Completely Cover The Potatoes. Allow To Warm Up 4. Blend Together The Soup Using An Immersion Blender Or Food Processor 5. Season With Salt & Pepper To Taste. You Can Add Yogurt Or Sour Cream As A Topping If Desired

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